Battlestar Galactica S1 & S2 rewatch commentary

1) The first season really kinda sucks for rewatch value, minus some key episodes.
2) The second season is more or less decent, minus a few key episodes. Primarily the one's where Adama is unconcious.

3) First watch, I could never figure out why Starbuck falls in love with Anders. In fact, I kinda hated Anders the first go around. Now, though, he's one of the charecters I'm specifically watching for.
Anyway, I've decided that Anders is an aspect of Apollo. He's the music and sports and whatnot of the God Apollo, where as Lee Adama is the whole archer aspect. In a sense, Anders is a castrated version of L. Adama - not that Anders isn't hot as hell, but he's safer for Starbuck than Apollo Apollo. Thus the whole, making sense of that relationship. Or, at least, how it starts. Things make even less sense after they get married, but whatever.
4) The Galactica crew all have Greek God parallels (yes, I know, obvious), but figuring out who is who is actually kind of merky. Best I have are:
  • W. Adama = Zeus
  • S. Tigh = Posiden and/or Ares
  • Zarek and/or Baltar = Hades
  • L. Adama = Apollo
  • Starbuck = Artemis and/or Aphrodite
  • Roslin = Hera
  • Chief = Hephestus
  • S. Agethan = Athena

Still no idea who Demeter or Hestia might be. Though Hestia might be E. Tigh... But the idea's there. More than that, though, it's also applicable to the Cylons, and what I've got for that is:

  • S. Tigh = Zeus
  • E. Tigh = Hera
  • Anders and/or Seven = Apollo
  • Chief = Hephestus
  • Six = Aphrodite
  • Eight = Artemis and/or Athena
  • One = Hades and/or Ares

And, well, it kinda breaks down from there. But that's the best I got. I'm big on S. Tigh and Anders as Zeus and Apollo in this one, though, because (to skip ahead a little), if you watch "Occupation," you'll see that W & L Adamas' conversations are mirrored very much in Tigh and Anders', which, once you know about their Final Five-ness, makes a little more sense.
5) Baltar's slightly more sympathetic this time around, just mostly annoying.
6) Cinemography and music are great throughout, and the acting is wonderful, it's the storyline (mostly) that sucks. I think, had there been less religion, and maybe a little more explination about why the Cylons rebelled and why they waited so long to attack and well, more explination in general, that I could really have liked this show. But, now, it's mostly something just to watch because I've rewatched everything else. And, well, because it was on BBC when I went looking for Sherlock S2 and some episodes are good enough to make you want to give everything a second try.
7) All the women in the series are "loose" to one degree or another, even the president, proving it was written by men.
8) Female homosexuality is apparently exotic and daring and whatnot, when it's implied between Cylons and in threesomes, but the one homosexual charecter I can find at all is Cain, and she's hardly the most sympatheic/likable charecter in the series. There are no signs of male homosexuality in the series at all, not even between Cylons, or as part of MMF triads. Again, proving it was written by WASPy men.
9) Going back to 7, it's always women who are afraid of commitment. The men know their true loves and want to try to make them work, always. See Anders for Starbuck; Chief for Boomer first, then Cally, then Boomer again; Apollo for Starbuck at various different points; Billy for Dee, etc etc etc. See written by men.

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