The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #16

I broke down and bought my very own Xbox 360 today.
There are multiple reasons for this. One, I finally have the money. Two, Mass Effect 3 is coming out in just over a month and I want/need to replay both previous games at least once before hand, and my brother took our old Xbox with him to college. Three, for various RL reasons, my only company is the cats for large swaths of time, one of whom isn't allowed inside and the other hates my guts. And, four, what with my whole almost-having-a-contract, I'll be able to quit my current job soon and am anticipating at least 4 weeks of free, free time to induldge in gameplyaing.
But it's mainly it's the advent of Mass Effect 3. My love of the ME series is deep and enduring, and I admit to overinvesting emotionally in the game. (Seriously, having done both the voices for Carth Onasis in KOTOR and Kaidan Alenko in ME, the voice actor who does both of these can be said to be my most stable and enduring male relationship to date. My second-most enduring is with the game guru at Best Buy, with whom I regularly geek out when I go to buy these games. My third is with my last boyfriend, who decided he was gay four months into our relationship and neglected to inform me of this for several months after this...)
I played for like 4 hours today after dinner, and only stopped because, well, I was up for over 24 hours straight yesterday (probably closer to 36, if you fail to count any 30min dozes as real sleep), and I have work tomorrow, and my indoor cat was begining to glare at me more judgementally than usual. This promises to be nothing but trouble, writing wise, but I am in love with this series, despite the somewhat tired space opera storyline of race-of-aliens-who-wiped-out-everything-that-came-before,-thus-why-we've-never-enountered-aliens.
Anyway, I'm happy, despite the fact that I had to work today, despite it being my scheduled day off, and the fact that my boss did "and one last thing before you leave"-ed me for 75 min straight (I timed it), and the fact that the job I was doing I only needed to do because almost no one is allowed to work past 40hours a week, and, once you hit this, you're not allowed to work the rest of the week because overtime is the devil, or something. And, because nobody can be bothered to schedule correctly, this guy hit it yesterday and couldn't work today, though scheduled to. Last night, two of my fellow stockers hit it midway through shift, and so had to clock out and hang around for 2 hours while me and the other guy finished up, one because he was the other guy's ride and the other because he's the only one with alarm codes. They just sat and watched us work for those 2 hours, and, if they'd been able to help, we'd have been done about an hour sooner...
And, of course, they changed my schedule again for next week. It's like they know I need to go back up to the Big City sometime this week to sign this contract, because they're scheduling me at a whole bunch of times I never normally work... But I will make it work. I must get ouf of this pit that is my current job. And I will, because I am going to keep calling my recruiter until he tells me he has a contract in hand for me to sign, while not being stalkerish/annoying/rude about it. I will turn in my 2 weeks notice by the end of this week. I vow it.
Just please let me make it through this week.

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