I Passed!

It was a harrowing ordeal, involving me geting up a 3am, getting to the Big City at 5am, enduring the 90min it took to fix a simple error in my paperwork (which was in no way my fault), and pretty much every insanity you can believe, but I passed my physical. It is 2:30pm, and I'm only just now getting home.

But I PASSED!!!!!!

Now just to get the contract signed. The folks I've spoken to seem to think that will probably be Wensday. End of next week at the latest. Woot!

I probably should try to get some stuff around the house done now, but I'm exausted (having slept very poorly last night) and have to work the nightshift again tonight, so... no.

But still. I PASSED!
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once I get the contract? Either an electronic's tech or electrician's mate in the Navy. Both mean Basically, I'd be dealing with the nuclear propulsion systems on ships. But getting a female nuke slot is somewhat difficult, and it's been a bit of a paperwork purgatory situation.
me too. I've never exactly been heavy, but I had to lose like 40lbs to make the weight, and, God, I only hit it last night... plus, there's a good chance I'll get a physics bachelors out of that and, when that happens, possibly be sent on to officer canidate school. So, very cool
:) And now I've been up for 24 hours... More, probably, if you count how poorly I slept last night...

gah. bed now.