Things I'd Like

  1. My physical tomorrow to go well. Seriously, I ended up spending 200 minutes and half of S2 of BSG on the tredmill this morning trying to make sure it works out. Granted, I normally do half of that on a daily basis, but still. I'm tired, hungry, sore, and nerotic about it working out. Oh, and I have to be at the Big City at o'dark-thirty for it, so that's me getting up at 3:00am tomorrow for it. Having staid out at work until 2am this morning today and having to work until 2am that night as well...
  2. This is probably just a result of watching so much BSG (because, as much as I love the Stargates and Star Treks, you can only watch them so many times in a row before needing something different), but I really, really want a nice, long, involved BSG AU wherein the Final Five know what they are all along. Preferably with Chief/Anders, because I've become fixated on that ship despite the fact that only like 2 fics for it exist in the universe, but I'll take what I can get.
  3. My dad to remember that, when he tells me something 7,831 times, I don't need to be told it a 7,832nd. This is mostly related to #1, but can also be true of a number of other things as well. I know he means well, but, God.
  4. To be able to give my two weeks notice at my current job tomorrow, which had been the plan for after passing #1, but Dad's all wait until you've the contract in hand now, which is annoying. I can see his point, but I wish to god he didn't change his mind/advice every five minutes. But that should be mon or wedns at the latest, so....
  5. To finish "Socii," but I'm so tired I think I might just watch more BSG until I fall asleep... which will probably be in like 10 min anyway...
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My mom does #3 - but she's on a lot of medication and forgets she's already told me/reminded me.

Good luck with your physical! And with working on getting Socii done, too ♥
Who knows what my dads deal is. All I know is its annoying - and that I keep waking uP every 30min. Stupid internal clock.
haha. no. I kept on waking up all night, and then only lightly dozing when I did "sleep"... and I have to be at work tomorrow/later today at 10am... stupid schedule changes