Pegasus X-treme Thoughts

So, in my desprate (and unsuccessful) search to find season 2 of Sherlock on BBC America, I've been watching a lot of Battlestar Galactica. Mostly because BBC America seems to be the same as the SyFy Channel, only better, these days.

But whatever. The end of season 3 - and the start of season 4 - have only reconfirmed for me that I was right in assigning Michael Trucco and Aaron Douglas to be Iohannes and Rodney respectively in my 'verse's version of it. I just need to get to a point where I can write it. Or, at least, a mention of it. But since, according to my timeline, Wormhole X-treme couldn't go on air before July 2002, Pegasus X-treme couldn't possibly start before July 2009 - ie, post S5. And I'm a stickler for timelines.

I do get a kick out of watching BSG though and thinking about what Ancient!John would make of it...

In other news, the Elizabeth fic has taken over my life (but hopefully will be finished before work tonight), but hopefully I'll hear from the other job soon. Le sigh.

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