The Secret Life of a Stock Girl #15

I love my job.

Yeah, I can't even type that with a straight face. I mean, seriously, I'm usually scheduled to work 6pm to 1:30am on truck nights, when we have to stock the whole store. I don't mind working over if need be, but when, on Monday, we ended up working until 3:45 in the morning unloading a mid-sized truck... well, I get tetchy. But, okay, whatever. These things happen. Then Wendsday our truck takes all of three hours to to unload, and we've so little to do we end up running the sky shelves on every single aisle to make it to clock out, and still get done with half-an-hour to spare. But again, whatever.

Then today. My parents drove up to the Mountains to close on a house they've just bought up there. The whole reason that my brother and I didn't go was because I was scheduled to work tonight. The plan was to us to go up tomorrow morning, me drop him off at uni, and then help with the unpacking and whatnot.

And then I got a phonecall 15 min ago saying I get to be off tonight because the store is over on hours. And we can't drive up there now because it's like a 4 hour drive and it'll be dark before we get there, and dark and snowy mountain roads are no one's friends, partcularly when neither of us actually knows where this new house is in more than the general geographic sense.

But that's not the kicker. The kicker's that they scheduled me for Sunday, which I asked for off so I could take part in this move and was told that I had off, and I can't get anyone to switch with me, so I can't even go on tomorrow's roadtrip anymore because there's no possible way I could be back in time for my 7am shift, for all the abovestated reasons.

God, I hope I get this other job. I want it so badly, particularly after moment's like this one. But the paperwork demons have it at the moment, so the earliest I can hope for news is next Friday.

In other news, I went to bed after working on "Socii" for a while and couldn't sleep for the ideas for an Elizabeth POV fic running through my head, so I got back up and worked on that for 2.5 hours before finally going back to bed. I worked on it most of today too - have 1536 words for it and, God help me, will probably have to finish it before I can finish up "Socii," just 'cause that's how my mind works. At least I've managed to put my Heimdall POV fic muse on hold for the moment - it only has 794 words, and I've not worked on it in 24 hours. part 5 of "Socii" at least has 2066 at the moment, so I'm still ahead on that front. Almost.

Mercurial muses. When they bother to show up, they just go overboard I guess. Or something. *Huffs*
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