SGA Meme #7

#7 (and last) of squidgiepdx's "Seven Days of Fandom" SGA meme.... *sigh*

List three fics that changed how you felt about a character

1. I honestly cannot tell you why I love this fic so much, only that I sorta fell in love with "Beautiful as Southern Skies" by sabinelagrande. But, for the purposes of this meme, it totally changed the way I look at Teyla and Woolsey. Hell, this fic actually made me believe that a Teyla/Woolsey ship could, and should, exist, and I almost want to write one into my fic because this prooves it can be done. Eitherway, it's also the first fic I read where I Woolsey became for me something more than a charectature of a mid-level bureaucrat. And, well, read it. It's worth it.

2. "Four Funerals and a Wedding" by kisahawklin: This is my this is Lorne fic. Actually, more specificallly, it might be, this is Lorne; god, I love him fic, but still. Brilliant. Actually, this one should probably be on my makes me cry meme too...

3. "In the Family Way" by rusty_armour: So, I know the Jeannie in this fic isn't consistant with canon - it was written pre-"McKay and Mrs. Miller," I believe - but I love her in this. And Carson. And I more than kinda love the whole Carson/Jeanne ship in this and, again, kinda want to write it in my stuff... except that means killing off/getting rid of Kaleb, and I can't do that to Madison. So, yeah. Issues. But a brilliant fic.

And now I'm kinda sad this meme is over. I might have to track down another, just because I enjoyed it so much...

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*bookmarks stories*

While this isn't an actual meme, you could pretend it is: 7 days of fic kinks. Each day list three stories that hit certain buttons you love to find in a story. You could have each day a theme for a particular story kink.

Just an idea, you can ignore me.
one of the things I've discovered writing this is that most of the fics I read - and come back to reread - are realtively kink-free. I think, if you go with the sort of ice cream metaphor you consider vanilla to be kink-free/fade-to-black and chocolate to be ultimate in XXX, the furthest on the scale I ever get is a light sort of toffee colour.

Yeah. Issues.

Anyway, I'm sure I'll find something. Eventually. thanks for the idea though!
I'm not actually talking about sexual kinks. :) I'm talking about kinks as in certain types of h/c, sentient!Atlanis, or perhaps even fusion AUs.

One (or two) of my personal fic kinks for SGA is Sheppard getting his geek on, or him being completely hardcore badass. Two extremes of his personality but I get excited to read a story when I see them mentioned.
oh. that makes more sense. *blushes*

ah, geek!Sheppard. and BAMF!Sheppard... or BAMF!Rodney for that matter...

Hmm. I'll have to think about it. Maybe draw up a list. Or just rec one of my fav stories once a week or so...

hmm. IDK. I've sorta liked this group meme thing, seeing what else everyone posts. I'll have to track down some more of those.
The last two parts of this meme are the most difficult :\

#2 - I remember crying as I read that fic. I have so much love for it, but it hurts. I agree with everything you said about it :)

#3 - ee, I like that fic too! Carson/Jeannie would be a cute pairing - there's this one AU fic that has Ronon/Jeannie, but it's more pre-relationship.

You could track down another meme, and then edit it slightly to fit for the SGA fandom :P
Totally agree. #6&7 were insanely hard.

Reread "4 funerals and a wedding" after posting this. sobbed terribly through part 1 and giggled insanely through part 2. Oh Lorne... and Oh Zelenka. One of the few places where I've liked that pairing too... *puts on thinking cap and muses on this*

As for Carson, the more I think about it, the more I really don't like him with Cadman. I don't think they as a couple have any real long term potential. He needs someone more like Jeannie, who has the same whetherall that Cadman does, but with softer edges...

Actualy, I'd kinda like to see him paired with Keller in a fic. Hmmm...
I'm struggling with #7. I'll post it tonight, regardless...

I like Lorne/Zelenka. I imagine they first get close over their respective CO/boss, and then it just moves from there.

Carson and Cadman have such different personalities. I'm a bad person to talk to about Cadman though, since I don't really like her *shrug* I'm basically of the mindset that everyone can do better than her.

Ooo, that would be awesome. I wonder if it's been done?
I like Lorne/Zelenka too - but only if it's written right. I like it better than Lorne/Parrish at least. *makes musing noise*

I like Cadman - Idk why, but I do. I think it's cause she has *potential* to be great. Just not with Carson. Oooo, Lorne/Cadman maybe...? IDK. I just got off work and am exausted.

I've not found any Carson/Keller yet, but, if you do, send them my way.