SGA Meme #6

#6 of squidgiepdx's "Seven Days of Fandom" SGA meme....

List three fics that have changed your life in some way.

1. Er... toomuchplor's How Not To Fly. This makes the list mostly because it was the first SGA fic I ever read and, well, you might've noticed the snowball that sorta formed afterwards.... Now, don't get me wrong, it's a good fic. John's niece and nephew are well thought out, belieable charecters, but... But the boys end up leaving Atlantis, and that's just not something I care too much for.

2. speranza's Written by the Victors: Absoluetly gorgeous fic. If I could write something 1/4th as amazing, I'll be set for life. It makes this list because it's kinda the one that got me writing SGA fic of my own - in a, I've got to try to write something 1/4th as brilliant sort of way.

3. Now, I may be an idiot, by I never actually got the idea of Atlantis being sentient until I read Atlantis Observed by seekergeek. Obviously, this has had impacts on my own SGA fic, but also this fic is kinda freaking amazing, both from the whole the boys are oblivious angle to the whole Atlantis playing yenta thing, which I adore almost as much as marriage of convience in fics.

Actually, this meme's been brillant for making me realize my fav tropes in SGA fic - ie, a) marriage of convience/forced marriage, b) Atlantis/Radek/someone playing yenta to get them together, and c) the boys being oblivous. Cool beans. If anyone is looking to give be a present for some reason, nota bene.

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I like How Not To Fly. My problems with it are really more personal - I always resent John for giving up Atlantis. And while months pass for Rodney in the fic and he's able to move on somewhat, it's only been, at most, an hour for me, so I'm still feeling resentful by the time he and John make up. And because I'm feeling resentful, I always want John to ~suffer more. FEEL BAD FOR LEAVING RODNEY AND ATLANTIS, JOHN.

I am one of two people (that I know of) that doesn't like Written by the Victors. *shrug*

I like seekergeek's fic. She does one of my favorite "cut off from Earth" fics, and she does this awesome SGA/Valdemar fusion that I love.
That about somes up my feels for "How Not to Fly" myself. I'm happy they have a happy ending, it just feels... tacked on somehow, as if the author felt it had to end happily after all that pain. Gah.

And perhaps I should clarify. I'm in love with the idea of "Written by the Victors." And the style. Just not the fic itself. In fact, I think my fav part of it are all the quotes from the books about Atlantis. But whatever.

I've tried reading the Valdemar xovers, but, never having read Valdemar, I just can't get into it. Hmmm.. I'll look up the "cut off from Earth" fic, but they're usually not my cup of tea. At least, not most those I've read so far.
I feel that way for a few fics (resentment for a character's actions, the desire they spend more time feeling guilty before the other party forgives them, etc). It's why I usually just push through the fic :\ I'm a fan of happy endings, so I'm not sure whether I could say it felt tacked on or not.

AH. The style itself is very cool, I do agree :) But I can't get over the cheating *shrug*

Yeah, it helps to have read the Valdemar books. And seekergeek's take on being cut off from Earth is different and pretty interesting. I don't know if it'll be your cup of tea, but it's less about the logistics of food and weapons, and more about iterpersonal bonds as a coping means for the harsh demands of the Pegasus Galaxy.
hmmm. It depends on my mood, what fics I can stomach. But, as I think you said elsewhere, I read SGA for McShep... and not things that get in the way of it.

Though, again, I'm kinda wanting more Teyla/Woolsey fics. I know. I'm a sick person.

Yeah, the cheating bugs me too.

Hmmm... now I'm reading another fic by omgmeetoo, so... yeah. It'll probably be tomorrow before I get to more of seekergeek's stuff.
It depends on my mood too *nod*

I keep meaning to read that fic :\ I really need to do that.

*nod* Cheating is a big no-no for me, and it feels like the fic sweeps it under the rug.

LOL It's fine :D I have quite a few fics I want to re-read tonight.
I should've done my fic reading earlier. I was so tired though that, after working out, I just sorta collapsed and watched Storage Wars with my dad for 2 hrs because I couldn't move. Or activate any higher brain functions.
Sometimes when I shut my brain off I download an episode of something and watch *nod* But you have good reason to be tired, sounds like.
I've been rewatching SGA while on the tredmill. I just finished my third watchthrough, and am holding off on starting another because, well, there are limits to how much I can watch something before I need a break. Even SGA.
It sucks. I want to watch SGA, but there are no episodes I haven't seen loads of times, so I don't feel like watching them again. But I need my fix - so tonight I am watching some SGA anyway.

Oh, watching while on the tredmill - I am jealous :D What an excellent way to exercise!
Yeah. I'm trying to lose weight, so I spend like 1.5-2 hrs a day on the tredmill. Which basically means I get through movies/tv shows/et al *fast*.

But so know what you mean.