SGA Meme #5

#5 of squidgiepdx's "Seven Days of Fandom" SGA meme....

List three fics that make you cry, every time you read them.

1. I know everyone is going to list this one, but: Freedom's Just Another Word For Nothing Left To Lose by synecdochic. The first time I read this, I practically bawled - I mean, from the very first few paragraphs. I can't even look at them without tearing up. But, God, this fic is so perfect and so perfectly awful that it hurts. The part I love the most, though, is that, throughout the entire fic, the author never mentions John's name once. Not freaking once. It's amazing. It's gordious. There are no words for this, and if I ever write something half as good I'll be a fanfic god - at least, in my own mind.

2. Here Every Language Is Silent by enigmaticblue: In Which Everyone Thinks John is Braindead, except for Rodney, who saves the day and gets the guy. Another oh-so-sad fic, this one with a much happier ending than above.

3. God, a number three? Er, I read a lot of fic, and a lot of them make me tear up at some point for some reason or another, but none of the others really stick out. I'm half tempted to put one of my things here, because I sobbed like a baby while writing "Heroes" and have already spent like 45 min trying to find a third. If I think of one, I'll come back to this, but, God, I'm starving now, so...

post scripte ---> 3. "Four Funerals and a Wedding" by kisahawklin

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I love both of your choices ♥ I'm struggling to remember a 3rd fic for this meme; hoepfully my delicious will help me.

I've only ever read Freedom once, and that was enough for me. One of the few death!fics that I am in awe of, since I'm very much a happy ending person.
I read "Catching the Lightening" off your rec list last night... and stayed up far too late doing so. It was brilliant, and had me tearing up almost from the begining - IDK why - almost making it #3 here for lack of other options.
Such a good fic, isn't it? The author did an excellent job. I was honest when I said there wasn't anything I didn't like about it. Now if only the author would write a sequel...
I was very good... But now I'm sleepy. (Stupid job; I got off at 3:30 am... had to be up at 7:30 for something that turned out to be canceled b/c of rain, went back to sleep and just now woke up - at 11:45.