SGA Meme #4

#4 of squidgiepdx's "Seven Days of Fandom" SGA meme....

List three really long fics (minimum 25,000 words) that you really love

This one's difficult for a different reason - I have a lot of really long fics I love. But here's my favs of the moment, as best I can order them:

1. The Difference Engine by sam_storyteller: Okay, so Sam the Storyteller is like one of my favourite authors ever. His HP/SB story, Cartographer's Craft, is like the epitome of HP fic, and is about 10x a better version of book seven than DH actually was; and his short BBC Sherlock story, Lab Book, is a favourite of mine in that fandom as well. I love this story for a lot of reasons (and not just because John is a robot), but one of the main ones is that the charecterizations are so spot on perfect that it hurts. Another one is the absolutely gorgeous writing style. I mean, just read:

"You can't reprogram me?" he asked hopefully.

"Even if I could, I wouldn't. You're a person, and you're just going to have to cope with being a person the way the rest of us do. Do you get that?" Rodney snarled. "You're not my pet machine, you're not my brainchild, you're a person, you have your own memories and your own damages, and you write your own basecode the way we all do. I didn't program you. All I did was save your life, and you've amply repaid the favour."

Sheppard brought his arms up, knocked Rodney's hands away (ow!) and used his momentarily open stance to push forward, get them body-to-body again, jerked Rodney's chin up with one hand and kissed him.


2. To Have and To Hold by ru_salki99: Well, in case you haven't noticed by now, I have a thing for forced marriage/marriage of convience fic. (This probably says terrible things about my own love life, or lack thereof, but I don't analyse it much.) This is... well, another one of those, this one being John must marry Rodney so he [Rodney] can stay on Atlantis. Well, must is streching it a bit, but still, It's brilliant. It's lovely. It's the boys being oblivious and getting married and having sex and falling in love (or maybe realize they've been in love all this time) - in that order - and is positively brilliant.

3. Every Day in Every Way by velocitygrass: This is John's in love with Rodney, Rodney's oblivious until they acidentally have sex, then they continue to have sex, then Rodney falls in love with John. It is hot and spot-on in charecterization and just a little cracky, and should be read at least once by all John/Rodney fans.

As a poste scripte, I would like to add that, thanks to yesterday's meme, the inheriant bordom of doing Q&A at work, and the fic I happened to be reading last night, I have gotten a McShep fic idea I should be shot for but will, possibly, end up writing. Hopefully I can delay the urge until I finish "Socii" this time. God.
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This is totally the fandom for "I should be shot for this" fics! Do it! It's how we get such great crack fic.
What's worse is that I have an idea for my Ancient!John 'verse... mainly, the idea for a poster of a movie to come out like 10+ years after SGA ends based off the whole John/Rodney romance in the story....

Granted, I think it's kinda a cool poster idea - Atlantis, at dawn, from a great distance, with the waterline like 1/3 from the bottom of the page. Above, the boys in profile, each on one side of the poster, facing away from each other, with a huge space in the middle... And the title of this non-existant movie? Gateways.... Why and/or how I come up with this stuff, idk, all I know is I lack the photoimaging software to make it. But I really, reall want to even though it has no baring on anything that would happen until the 'verse has long ended. God.
Y'know, my muses might be persuaded by something this specific to turn that poster out... I can almost see it in my head, everything except maybe McKay--I'd have to go hunting for a good screencap for that one.
hmmm... I'll pay you in fanfic if you do that.

All I know is, the idea popped into my head while I was trying to think of a decent cover for my Ancient!John series, regardless of the fact I own no decent photoshop software. It is riddiulous in the extreme that I got this instead, but what can you do? My muses are fickle, impish creatures.
Try the GIMP (Gnu Image Manipulation Project)--it's open-source and free and works at least as well as Photoshop. That's what I use to make icons, backgrounds, and other manips.
Ah. That's not really the problem. It's more of the whole I don't have the RAM to do much more than run IE and Open Office at the same time thing that keeps me from getting/using the software. I'm trying to rectify the situation, but, unfortunately, my job is min wage and other things come before supercool computers on the expenditure list.
Ah, yes, that sounds familiar. And the photos for the manipulations definitely take up a lot of room by themselves.
So true. You don't even want to know how my computer acts when I try to watch movies - streaming, downloaded, or DVD. I thought it might blow up last time I tried...

It's barely 2yrs old too. Ah, the cruel, short shelf-life of tech.
Oh, I used to have a laptop like that--crappy graphics card and processor. I gave up on Windows, though--can't stand it. I use Ubuntu Linux, where for the most part the only problems I have are self-inflicted (I probably rambled at some point about my stupidity with upgrading releases). I also tend to use Firefox instead of IE, though if you haven't a lot of processor space I don't know if it would matter. And yeah, I hate how you spend two grand on something that's obsolete when it gets to you and is later sold for half the price. Grr.
I got this one for like $500 on mega-sale - orginally like $1300 - but, yeah. I'm about fed up on windows. My brother has a MacbookAir he's slavishly in love with that I think I might get a similiar one of.... but, again, funding is scare. I'm hopefull I'll hear something about my possible-job sometime this week, which should see me in a new computer by the summer, but... God, things are still all annoying up in the air with it, and if I were any more nervous about it I'd be jittering out of my seat too much to type.
::crosses fingers:: Good luck on the job front! I, too, am hoping to have a job this summer (t'would be nice, after all the years I've spent in school, and for every person who asks, 'oh, are you going to teach?').
I almost chose The Difference Engine myself for Day 04 :) Amazing fic <3 And, of course, your other two are ~amazing too :D You have good taste.