Inference Engines

First of all, Stargate Wikia is bugging me right now because it's giving me conflicting dates for when the goa'uld discovered Earth, and for when Ra lost control of the planet following alt!SG-1's rebellion. So, eh.

Two, I think I've bitten off so much more than I was expecting with "Socii." First it was all, oh, let's do "Critical Mass" here, and then it was all let's spring some "The Lost Tribe" in here too and now I think I'm going completely mad and trying not to make this next installment too much science talk, and have had the strangest wikipedia pages open on my computer for days in regards to it - and never have I been more glad for having my own laptop, as I;m sure my mom would have serious questions if she saw the titles of these.

Three, in my wikipedia searchings, I discovered the AI subfeild of inference engines which, among other things, are consistancy enforcers, ie, continuinty editors. Which are so me it's insane.

Four, my timeline for the Ancient!John 'verse has been updated yet again, though this time with less content and more user-friendliness. Comments would be welcome if anyone but me bothers to look at it.

And, lastly, I was debating about joining The Captain and the Doctor's rom-com fest, and decided against it. But while hiking today I was struck by an idea that basically is a ST:IX fusion with Let's Go To Prision - one of my brother's favourite movies, which he and dad quote all the time - that somehow manages to turn the premise into a feel good romp. I may have to write it just to prove it can be done.

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