SGA Meme #3

#3 of squidgiepdx's "Seven Days of Fandom" SGA meme....

List three short fics that you love (less than 1,500 words)

Another hard one, as I usually don't read short fics unless I've a) read other things by the author and liked them or b) they come highly rec'd, but I actually have some for this one, though I don't know how many are <1.5K...

1. I've already used this one once, but... Catch-19 by mmmchelle: It's possibly my favourite fic ever, for the whole "marriage of convience" thing I stated in #1 of this meme.

2. Gods that Slumber by nixa_jane: In case you don't know, I sorta love the idea of John-is-an-Ancient, and this story is the one that introduced me to the idea in fics, and is sorta the inspiration for my whole Ancient!John series. So, major shout out for this one.

3. Okay, so this one - Trial by melonbutterfly - is kinda longer than 1.5K, but it's shortish, and I do really love the series... enough that I probably should've had it on yesterday's meme, but I sorta forgot about it 'cause the author's not updated in ages and I want more. Anyway, in this one John's a movie star and Rodney's the somewhat-oblivious scientist who's dating him and has finally now realized what John does for a living. This one takes place after they go to the Academy Awards together. (God, I really do want more of this series... hint, hint, hint.)

But I've semi-evil paperwork to fill out for the job I might know if I'm getting sometime next week, so I think this is all the time I better spend on this right now...

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You know, I'm not sure I've ever read Trial by melonbutterfly. It sounds vaguely similar to another series, but I'm not sure if it's the same one. I'm off to find out!

There's another John-as-an-ancient story - a long one - but it's writing quality is...not the best.
Is there? What a shame. Obviously, I'm a huge fan of the trope. It kinda amazes me that there's not more of it.

But whatever. More power and glory and whatnot to me.

Trial's like the 5th of 5 stories in the series. You might've read another installment of it. IDK
It turns out that I hadn't read it yet :) I really like it too, so thank you for linking! :D