SGA Meme #2

#2 of squidgiepdx's "Seven Days of Fandom" SGA meme....

List your three favorite series (multiple chapter/entries) SGA fics

God, this one was hard - mostly because, I realized sometime yesterday, I don't really read that many series. At least not in SGA. I inevitably will read one, like it, and then read the next installment and not like it, and so not read the rest... But here it is, as best as I can manage it.

1. Whizzy's Black Helicopters 'verse: I both love and sorta hate this one - love it, because Rodney uses SETI to hack into the SGC, among many other lovely, lovely things, and hate it because it is, for the most part, a preslash series, and has very, very little resolution. But still my favourite 'verse.

2. puddleofgoo's Journey Home 'verse (Rodney's story is here; John's here): While mildly annoyed at how difficult is is to find both parts of the story and kinda frustrated at how the boy's aren't together or even in the same physical location for like 5/8ths of this series, I do really love it. This one, at least, has a resolution to all the preslash, even if it's slightly (what's the proper nomenclature here?) more coffee? less vanilla? than I normally care for. Actually, I'm begining to notice a pattern here with this whole love/hatred of the fics I recommend... Anyway, it's long, I enjoyed it, and, yeah...

3. esteefee's Fair Trade 'verse: IDK. I like the big ones in this 'verse, but... IDK. I'm not a huge fan. This is mostly only here to make 3 for my list, but, honestly, I just don't like series, for the above stated reasons, even if most of my own stuff ends up being turned into series... I guess I'm just picky or whatnot, but if I'm going to read a series, the second story has to be as good as, if not better than the first. And most 'verses seem to have all the good stuff in the first story, and then it's just tales of the boys living happily ever after or something, or turning into kid!fics (which I can put up with if it's well written, and almost made me put seekergeek's Atlantis Observed series here instead, even if I don't think it can be called more than a single story and some drabbles) or somthing... But, going back to Fair Trade, I do like it, and love the idea and how it's carried out, but it's got a little too many OCs for my taste, and, well, I'm incredibly picky when it comes to these things, but Ronan and Teyla are aliens I don't care if it's an AU, if it's set on Earth, there can be no aliens, even if they're Earthlings in these particular stories.

And I think I'm done ranting for the moment.

[Post Script -> After much thought (and combing through bookmarks) I've decided that melonbutterfly's unfinished Not a Porn Star 'verse is my real #3, and would be possibly higher if s/he would write more of it. Hint. Hint. Hint.]

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You touched on my feelings for the Black Helicopters series. It feels like I need more of a resolution after reading all of that pre-slash. I like it, but it's not a favorite of mine :D

I like puddleofgoo's Journey Home series. Though I confess I generally skim the parts where they're not together >____> I love that she wrote the same thing from different points of view, though~

I really like the Fair Trade series :P

I totally understand liking the first installment and not the sequel *nod* It's happened to me.
I'm a very picky, overly critical reader. I think half the reason I write fic is so that there's something I want to read out there...
Mmhmm. I have a friend that is a picky reader, and I don't bother trying to rec her anything, since my standards are considerably lower than hers *shrug* Though when I *do* manage to find a fic she likes, I'm all proud :)

You write very well XD
Thanks. *blushes*

The whole story behind my writing is, when I was in 7th grade I decided that there were no more good books out there (I was obviously wrong, but I'd read the entire contents of my middle school library, so it seemed that way) and that, if I was to have anything to read, I ought to write it myself. And I've been writing ever since.