SGA Meme #1

Because I saw this and thought why not? - #1 of squidgiepdx's "Seven Days of Fandom" SGA meme....

List your three favorite standalone SGA fics

1. Catch-19 by mmmchelle: Because, at heart, I'm a sucker for forced marriage/marriage of convenence fics. Particularly in this fandom. And this one is quick and light and captures John and Rodney perfectly.

2. Tongues of Men and Angels by mad_maudlin: Don't ask me why, but I love the Tok'ra. There are no where near enough Tok'ra fics in either the SG1 or SGA fandoms (at least, not without Martouf, who I want to lock away in some dark corner and leave for the ST:IX MU fics to off in some dark and nasty way). But this has McShep and the Tok'ra and leaves me begging for more - more in this 'verse, more on this theme; more anything. And, granted, it's probably a long one for the question #1 asks, but still. Fav.

3. Should've Been My Girlfriend by crysothemis: God, this is the one gender-bender in the fandom I can actually get behind. It's interesting, believable, and more than a little adorable. And the boys are just so oblivious in this one. Again, kinda long, but I like long fics. I prefer them.

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I just watched the two-part episode about the Tok'ra - the one where Sam's dad joins them. After I finished the episodes, I had a craving for Tongues of Men and Angels. I love that fic.

I truly love all your choices.

Long fics are my looooove!
Oh, I love Jacob. He's my favourite recurring charector in the series. Granted, most of the other Tok'ra I could care less about, but Jacob?

I was going to comment on yours too - I read #3 at your rec, and found it possitively delightful, though the others aren't really my cup of tea - but couldn't really think of anything else to say than just that...
I didn't like him at first - I thought he seemed kind of an ass. But I think it was two episodes later that I was like PAPA CARTER LET ME LOVE YOU.

Haha, I'm glad you liked at least one :P No worries about commenting. I just wanted to comment on yours because the ones some of the others are posting aren't really my thing, so. I was delighted to find someone posting fics I could agree with, personally :P
All the charecters I like are like that - I hate them the first few episodes, then I fall in love with them Jacob's just another example of that.

And *grins*