Needing Luck

I just got off work. It's a reasonable hour - ie, before 3am - and below freezing outside.

Theoretically, I should know if I get the job I'm trying for sometime later today. Tomorrow at the latest. They said they're pretty much certain to take me, provided I meet a couple of standards that I think I've taken care of, and, even if I haven't, they're not unwilling to give me a reasonable amount of time to do so...

But I'd really, really, like to get the job now. So here's to hoping.
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*crosses fingers for you* I really hope you get it. I may not know you well but I still don't like to see people unhappy.

If it's any consolation, at the moment, I'm only highly ambivelant towards my current job. But it's definatley not what I want to spend the rest of my life doing.

(And I so got a flashback to Rodney and Jonas' conversation in "Redemption" at the crossed fingers comment, so that's probably a sign I should go to bed now.) Thanks for the wishes!