You'd think it would be impossible to run out of things to clean in a public space like a grocery store, but it kinda is. At least, it is if you're consistant with your cleaning. On Monday it took me 5 hours... Tuesday, 4:45, Wends, 4:20, and today, just under 4. And that was with dusting all the wine bottles - again (I did so yesterday, possibly for the first time ever; it was so disgusting after I had to toss out the entire duster) - and cleaning the registers unnesicarily.

Anyway, you'd think the upshot of this would be that I'd have lots of time for writing when I got home today. But no, I went hiking with Dad afterwards and have been so tired I've barely been able to reread fic, let alone write anything... which is annoying, as I know exactly what I want for this last bit of "Socii," have for days, have the time to write... and can barely keep my eyes open to do so.

Yawn. I'm going to bed before I end up modifiying my timeline for the Ancient!John 'verse anymore. Night.
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