Brown-Parish Family Tree

The Brown-Parish family arose from the union of Katherine Brown and John Parish, both members of the original First Wave Émigrés. Together they would have three children, most of whom would remain on Atlantis during the next hundred years. Their grandson, Andrew Watson-Parish, would marry his maternal first cousin Myung May Rosenthal. Their daughter, Elizabeth Watson-Rosenthal, would marry her maternal first cousin, Eli Wallace. His sister, Judith Wallace, would marry their second/third cousin, Elijah Parish. Their great-granddaughters Hailey and Emma Rosenthal would also help give rise to the Pastore Line Marrage.

This is largely for my own benefit, and subject to change.

John Parish (3.1.1972-?), married Katherine Brown (27.4.1971-?). Together they had three children.
     1 Natalie Parish (30.4.2008-?), married Tane Watson-Islien
        1.1 Andrew Watson-Parish (2035-?), married 3.1 Myung May Rosenthal
              1.1.1 Elizabeth Watson-Rosenthal (2065-?), married 1.2.1 Eli Wallace
              Elizabeth Wallace (2089-?), married Finlay Beckett
                          Natalie Beckett (2116-?), married Richard Emmagan
                           Josiah Beckett (2119-?)
              Elijah Wallace (2091-?), no issue
        1.2 Katherine Watson-Parish (2037-?), married Matthew Wallace
              1.2.1 Eli Wallace (2063-?), married 1.1.1 Elizabeth Watson-Rosenthal
              1.2.2 Judith Wallace (2065-?), married 2.2.2 Elijah Parish
              Nicholas Parish (2089-?), maried Maise Beckett
                          Ainsley Parish (2115-?)
              Chloë Parish (2091-?), married Richard Emmagan
                          Camile Emmagan (2118-?)
     2 Henry Parish (30.11.2009-?), married Charlotte Meyer
        2.1 Abigail Parish (2034-2063), married Caleb Miller
              2.1.1 Jennifer Miller (2060-?)
        2.2 Ryan Parish (2037-?), married Teyla Woolsey-Emmagan
              2.2.1 Alyssa Parish (2060-?), married Thomas Baker
              Teyla Baker (2090-?), married Rhys Beckett
                           Alyssa Beckett (2115-?)
              2.2.2 Elijah Parish (2063-?), married 1.2.2 Judith Wallace
     3 Elizabeth Parish (3.5.2011-?), married Hyun-Jin Rosenthal
        3.1 Myung May Rosenthal (2038-?), married 1.1 Andrew Watson-Parish
        3.2 Kyung Chase Rosenthal (2040-?), partner of Isabella Alexis Ignia Pastor
              3.2.1 Alexis Isabelldeus (2057-2155), married Victoria Devonshire
              Alexander Devonshire
                          Alexandria Devonshire
                                                                    married to Avery MIller
             3.2.2 Hailey Rosenthal (2067-?), married Giovanni Pastore
                      See Pastore Line Marriage
             3.2.3 Elliot Rosenthal (2069-?), married Ava Miller
             Everett Rosenthal (2097-?), married Moria Beckett-Miller
                         Emma Rosenthal (2125-?)
                         Avery Rosenthal (2127-?)
             3.2.4 Emma Rosenthal (2071-2149), married Giovanni Pastore
                      See Pastore Line Marriage