Ival Family Tree

In conjunction with a drabble I'm writing, I decided to redo the Ival Family Tree. All the players are the same, but it goes back 29/30 generations (in conjunction with a comment that Oberoth makes in Daemones, Part II). This takes us, in fact, all the way back to the year 9258 BCE, before the Goa'uld-Asgard War, and before the end of the last Terran Ice Age. This means that the dynasty is 1025 years old when Iohannes is born.

There are some parts of this tree that fold back in on themselves. There are 4 cousin marriages (3 first cousin marriages, 1 third cousin marriage), 1 aunt/nephew marriage early on in the tree, and one case of brother/sister incest towards the middle. In these cases, the descendants of each marriage are shown beneath the second parent purely by convention, and are clearly marked.

Names in bold are the rectores the dynasty is famous for. Cases of no issue are clearly marked, but not all branches are explored (unless they specficially fold back onto the tree). The format is a somewhat modified d'Aboville System (moddified so that it will fit on the page), so that the people at each level of indentation are of the same generation. Those names that are underlined are those I've "carriage returned" back to the beginning of the page, as I was running out of room.

Ioséphus Ival Alatar Rector (9258 - 9136 BCE), aka Ioséphus Emrys Ivanus Rector, aka Alatar, married Tryphenia Emrys in 9220 BCE. Together they had three children, founding the Ival Dynasty of physicists, engineers, and mathematicians.
     1 Davidus Ival Rector (9215 - 9098 BCE)
         1.1 Alexandrus Ival Rector (9195 - 9056 BCE) married 3 Delphinia Ival Magistra, his aunt
     2 Ariadne Ival (9211 - 9136 BCE), no issue
     3 Delphinia Ival Magistra (9208 - 9056 BCE) married 1.1 Alexandrus Ival Rector, her nephew
        1.1.1 Delphinius Ival Rector (9161 BCE-?)
        Delphinius Ival Magister, no issue
        Tryphenia Ival Magistra (9116 BCE-?)
                    Davidus Ival Rector (9088 BCE-?)
                                   Davidus Ival Rector (9055 BCE-?)
        1.1.2 Ioséphus Ival Magister, no issue
        1.1.3 Ischachus Ival Magister
        Nicephorus Ival Rector
                    Diana Ival Magistra
                                   Tryphenia Ival Magistra (9045 BCE-?)
                    Davidus Ival Magister
                    Delphinius Ival Magister

Davidus Ival Rector ( married Tryphenia Ival Magistra, his third cousin
     1 Alexandrus Ival Rector (9018 BCE-?)
        1.1 Aiolus Ival Magister (8974 BCE-?)
              1.1.1 Acteon Ival Magister (8943 BCE-?) married 1.2.1 Idothea Ival Rector, his first cousin
        1.2 Albanus Ival Rector
              1.1.1 Idothea Ival Rector (8933 BCE-?) married 1.1.1 Aceton Ival Magister, her first cousin
              Immaculata Ival Rector
              Isabella Ival Magistra (8900 BCE -?)
                          Iphigenia Ival Rector (8869 BCE-?)
                                         Valerian Ival Rector (8837 BCE-?)
                                                           Zoroastres Ival Rector (8809 BCE-?)
                                         Ariadne Ival Magistra (8830 - 8797 BCE), no issue
              Ischachus Ival Magister

Zoroastres Ival Rector (
     1 Daedalus Ival Aedile Rector (8768 BCE-?)
        1.1 Democritus Ival Rector
        1.2 Delphinius Ival Magister (8701 BCE-?)
              1.2.1 Davidus Ival Magister (8650 BCE-?)
              Davidus Ival Magister (8650 BCE-?)
                          Elernus Ival Rector
                          Delphinia Ival Magistra (8617 BCE-?)
                                         Diana Ival Magistra (8593 BCE-?)
                                         Davidus Ival Rector (8583 BCE-?)
              1.2.2 Delphinia Ival Rector

Davidus Ival Rector
( married Natalia Lal in 8553 BCE. They had no issue. During this time he also carried on an affair with Diana Ival Magistra, his sister. Together they had two children.
     1 Nicephorus Ival Magister (8565 BCE-?)
        1.1 Euphrosyne Ival Rector (8529 BCE-?), married 2.1 Sidonius Ival Magister, her first cousin
     2 Natalia Ival Rector (8560 BCE-?)
        2.1 Sidonius Ival Magister, married 1.1 Euphrosyne Ival Rector, his first cousin
              1.1.1 Leanora Ival Rector (8488 BCE-?)
              Antigone Ival Geminia Magistra (8459 BCE-?), a twin
                          Andronicus Ival Magister, married Acantha, his first cousin
              Antigonus Ival Geminius Rector (8459 BCE-?), a twin
                          Acantha Ival Rector (8427 BCE-?), married Andronicus
                                         Nicephorus Ival Rector (8400 BCE-?)

Nicephorus Ival Rector ( had an affair with an Eloran woman, Terpsichore Timothea Perita. Together they had one child, his first. In 8360 BCE he married Sperania Sira Magistra. Together they had one child, his second.
     1 Tryphenia Ival Rector (8380 BCE-?), no issue
     2 Davidus Ival Magister (8350 - 8258 BCE), married Achillea Opel Legata
        2.1 Elernus Ival Asuras Rector (8318 - 8250 BCE), aka Asuras, married Olethea Nydia
              2.1.1 Danelia Ival Helia Navarcha (8280 BCE-?), aka Helia, married Diana de Aynecuria
        2.2 Ishachus Ival Magister (8310 - 8250 BCE), married Beatrix Aquilidea Nebriae Tribuna
              2.2.1 Ianus Ishachidus Ianitos Rector (8271 - 8157 BCE), had an affair with Trebal
              Iohannes Ianideus Licinus Pastor (8233 BCE-?)